Must See India and Exotel

Call Center Scaled on Cloud Telephony by Must See India

Must See India’s Call Center scaled on Cloud Telephony
Sanjay Goel , the Co-Founder & COO of Must See India spoke with us few months back about how they are currently using Exotel and what are the features the like about the product. Some of the key points were the ease of setup, call recording, data, scale & extensibileness of the product. Check out this quick video to hear his thoughts.
Must See India Phone numbers have been on with us from early October. They have heavily integrated their CRM, internal systems, call centre operations-outgoing and incoming calls, SMS – both Transactional & Promotional and also a Pingdom like downtime reminder setup! The first customer video had to be them – because they have unlocked to a great extent the power of Exotel and our Cloud Telephony product. Do watch and enjoy and give any feedback.
PS: Special thanks to Tejaswi Raghurama who helped us edit the video virtually – he is on twitter – @Tejazz89
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