exotel-mobileThis is Part 2 of the post: Exotel’s mobile friendly website – the 5 step design process

If you want to improve your visitor to lead conversion ratio, there are various things you could do. A few good ones are: increasing your website page load speed, a/b testing and finding out the best converting variation, reducing the number of fields in your form and so on.

But one of the most ignored way to increase conversions is turning your website into a mobile responsive website. Just because, we, the owners of the website mostly visit our website through laptops and desktops, we should ignore the fact that quite a large percentage of people come to our websites through mobiles.

Plain content websites can easily become mobile responsive with the proper themes in the CMS. When it comes to a specific function such as lead generation, a different approach is needed.

When a website is opened in a mobile browser, there is very little space for text and images to squeeze in. It is best to avoid large images. The mobile responsive website should be more like a landing page or a squeeze page with the primary goal of converting the visitor into a subscriber.

It helps a lot to have a clear title, benefits in a clear numbered or a bulleted list followed by a obvious & clear call to action. You can check our mobile website screenshot above.

The lead generation form that follows the call to action button is also recommended to be responsive. If it is a simple subscription form which is going to gather only the name and email ID, you can consider putting the form in the first page itself.

Mobile Responsive Website – The Results

At Exotel, we saw a sudden jump in the number of registrations once we pushed the mobile responsive website. Here’s the data that proves mobile responsive sites help:

As you can see, our registrations shot up by 66.67%!


So if you are still thinking whether the investment in creating a mobile responsive website will yield good returns for you, just look at the data. If you have enough % of visitors coming to your site via mobile, it makes sense to make your website mobile responsive! All the best. Do keep us posted on the results that you get as well!

AUTHOR: Deepak Kanakraju
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