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திரைகடல் ஓடியும் திரவியம் தேடு


“Go forth riding the waves and seek fortune” – is the rhyme of the ancient Indian mariner.

For centuries, the spice islands of the far east were a source of adventure and inspiration to the mariners of the yore. Some of us grew up hearing tales of the jewelled wicket gates of Srivijaya, the splendour of the bathing ghats of Sumatra and were filled with the fascination of these fabled lands.

Different times, different circumstances, as we get ready to cross the heady seas. After four and a half years of our adventures in India, Exotel is off to Singapore, for the Tech in Asia, and our formal launch in South East Asia.

We are excited to start our international plans with old friends. Looking out of my balcony this fine summer afternoon, I’m excited, and I wish the Exotel team, the very best in Singapore.

திரைகடல் ஓடலாம்… திரவியம் தேடலாம்

Ishwar Sridharan
COO, Exotel

AUTHOR: Ishwar Shridharan

Ishwar, the COO & co-founder of Exotel, is also the founder of #ThugLife @ Exotel. The ultimate multi-tasker, Ishwar is constantly caught doling out advice, firefighting and just generally being cool.

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