How you can use your own business phone

We get quite a few queries at Exotel from business owners who already have a number for their business. These companies have advertised/publicized a number and their customers have saved it in their phone book.
It is not possible for a business to phase out a number because in time it becomes their identity in the market.

So is it possible for someone with an existing number to use Exotel?

I believe that technology can solve any problem. This issue of using an existing number(mobile or landline) with Exotel can also be solved by just doing a call forwarding from that number to your Exophone.

Also now the power is in your hands. If you’re unsatisfied with Exotel (we hope that never happens 🙂 )you can easily switch over to another product and in case of any down time (we take our promise of uptime very seriously. Have you checked out ?) you could simply cancel the divert so it won’t hurt your business continuity too.

Here’s a short video explaining how simple it really is to set up a call divert

AUTHOR: Shubham Khanna
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