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What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual phone number is a phone number that has no physical phone line associated with it. Think of them as phone numbers with intelligence that can be used to manage calls they way you want to.

Usually, the simplest way that businesses use a virtual phone number India is to route incoming customer calls. When a customer calls a business, they play an IVR greeting, ask them who they would like to speak to and forward their calls to the right agents based on the customer’s inputs.

Since all the calls are routed via a virtual phone number, it is also easy to monitor calls for performance. You will be able to understand exactly how many calls are missed, how long it takes for an agent to answer calls, how many minutes your agents spend on calls and even listen to the customer call recordings.

Benefits of using a virtual phone number

You entire team can be connected to a single number. No loss of information across multiple numbers.

Automatically redirect customers calls to the right agents based on their requirements

Give your business a professional image without burning a hole in your pocket

Use virtual phone numbers to evaluate the performance of your marketing campaigns

Since all your calls are tracked, you can easily resolve disputes and confusions in customer conversations

Your employees no longer need to be chained to their desks. Remote working becomes a possibility, too

Division between professional and personal calls even on the same device

Scale as you grow without having to worry about infrastructure or maintenance.

Completely customise the system to suit your business needs.

Work Remotely With a Single Number For an Entire Team


With Exotel, you get




When your business runs on phone calls, you can not have downtimes. We have an uptime of 99.94% – the best in the business.



Make sure your agents have all the information they need before they talk to a customer and reduce call handling time.




Your CRM, Helpdesk and your phone system can all be in sync now. No more scattered customer information.



Use simple to set up features like  Multilevel IVR, automated call routing, etc. to boost your company’s image.

Discover how businesses use Exotel’s virtual phone number offering

To improve last mile logistics

For customer support

For customer privacy

What Customers say about Exotel


We have worked across cloud telephony players and with other vendors,but the fact is Exotel is dependable.

Co-founder & CEO, Practo

Exotel was a great plug n play system which took less than 2 days to setup and helped us manage all our call center needs.

Richa Kar

Founder and CEO, Zivame

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Frequently asked questions

How easy is to use a virtual number?
Our Virtual numbers are known as Exophones. Getting a new Exophone is as easy as 3 clicks on our Dashboard.

How many calls can an Exophone handle?
An Exophone can handle unlimited calls. Exotel is the only cloud telephony company in India that gives you the option of handling as many as calls as you wish to, at once.

Is the system able to capture relevant data and does it have in-built data analytics?
Yes, business decisions are never taken on a hunch. You can get aggregate data as well agent-wise and group-wise data on Exotel

Are the recorded calls secure?
Are the recorded calls archived in a secure location and is there an element of security attached to every call recorded is a must ask question in today’s time.

How do I get a virtual phone number in India?
The process of getting a virtual phone number is very simple. All you need is 10 minutes to set up and get started. Click on this link . Enter your details. Add your team. Test. Buy.

What can I use a virtual phone number for?
You can use it to route calls to your agents when your customers call. You can also use it to monitor customer calls for quality and use the recordings to train your agents. You can use virtual phone numbers to track your marketing spends. Use a different virtual phone number for different ads, different media. See what works better. The possibilities are endless.