Calling customers who are listed as DND

If you have ever owned a mobile phone in India, you would have received calls that can only be classified as “spammy.” These calls could range from selling weight loss programs to fake lottery prizes to the favourite of them of all – credits cards!


Phone calls are a fantastic medium for businesses to get in touch with their customers. Unlike emails that can be ignored, phone calls are a medium of immediate resolution.

But because of a few tele-callers who misused this, the TRAI introduced Do Not Disturb (DND) lists. By enlisting to be a DND number, callers are protected from unsolicited calls.

Advantages of DND

The National Do Not Call Registry is a fantastic way for cell phone users to protect themselves against unwanted calls. It is also an excellent way to ensure that your phone number is not circulated endlessly amongst tele-callers and marketers.

How can businesses reach numbers listed as DND?

Phone calls, just like SMS, can we classified into two types primarily – transactional and promotional .

Promotional calls are the ones that the DND registry aims to protect mobile phone users from. Transitional calls are necessary for businesses to get in touch with their customers.

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Using Exotel to reach out to customers on the DND registry

At Exotel, we do not support promotional calls.

However, using Exotel to reach out to your customers on the DND is a simple and straightforward process.

Identifying your customers

If a customer has reached out to you over calls or SMS on your Exophone in the last 2 months, you will automatically be able to call and SMS then via Exotel. These customers are referred to as “Whitelisted Customers”.

In case you customer has not called you on your Exophone, you can still whitelist them using our Customer Whitelist APIs. Here’s how:

You can send an SMS to your clients asking for permission to contact them.

Example: This is to confirm that you have registered with and have permitted us to call you. If this is not the case, please give a missed call to 09XXXXXXXX. Thank you.

If the person does not want to receive calls from you, they can ‘unsubscribe’ by giving a missed call to the number mentioned in the SMS. If they do not unsubscribe, they automatically get added to the list of “Whitelisted Customers.”

What if someone un-subscribes?

During the process of whitelisting, if more than 3 customers choose to unsubscribe, the process of whitelisting changes.

Instead of giving a missed call to unsubscribe, they will need to subscribe to your calling by giving a missed call.

This is done to ensure that this whitelist API is used only for transactional calls.

You can read more about customer whitelisting and access the code to do this whitelisting using our APIs here .