Giving Technology A Voice

Unmatched Reliability

Building a robust and reliable cloud telephony platform is one of the toughest engineering problems of our time. And we have a kickass team working with us to solve this.

Our uptimes are one of the best in the industry.

We include and monitor not just software uptime but also operator uptimes.

In spite of that, we have the best uptime in the industry – 99.94%.

Our distributed architecture minimises downtimes and the impact it has on our customers.

Limitless Scale

4 years, number of calls scaled by 400%

We promised ourselves one thing when we started out ‐ there will be no limit on the channels or the number of parallel calls any customer can receive. To this day, we have fulfilled that promise.

Our performance has not been affected by the rapid scale at which we have scaled.

Amazing Customer Support

Love Thy Customer ‐ This is the first of our company values. Nothing is more important to us than a customer ‐ not the cool things we work on, not the list of things to get done, or even a meeting with the CEO. When a customer needs us, everything else takes a backseat.

We are available 24×7 over calls, emails , or Twitter .

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