What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud Telephony is the technology that moves your business phone system to the cloud. It is a voice and messaging service that replaces the need for the conventional business telephone system, say,  – PBX, EPBAX, etc.

Using Cloud telephony for your business allows you to make and receive multiple calls & SMSes simultaneously, without having to invest in any additional infrastructure. Services like IVR, Call Recording, Bulk SMS, event based calling, etc. are only some among the many features cloud telephony has to offer.

Quite simply put, cloud telephony is the smartest way for you to manage business calls without compromising on quality and cost.

Cloud telephony has been around for over half a decade in India. During the early days of Exotel, we spent a lot of time in customer education. Cloud telephony, as a concept was alien. People understood things like call routeing, IVR, call recording, analytics but not cloud telephony.

Cloud telephony was thought of primarily as a “Cloud PBX” system — something that would replace an EPABX box in the office. Since the business requirements were simple, there was no reason to think beyond the simple call centre use case.

But since then, as business models have evolved, the full potential of cloud telephony has been unleashed.

As the market moved towards “Uberisation” of businesses, the number of businesses whose monetization depended on successfully connecting a buyer and a seller has pushed cloud telephony to new limits.

Today, cloud telephony is being used to power a lot of unique use cases:

  1. Supporting field workforce like delivery agents, salespersons, servicemen, etc.
  2. Safeguarding customer privacy (what is colloquially called Phone Number Masking )
  3. In marketplaces to connect a buyer and a seller
  4. Automated calling using APIs
  5. Improving operational efficiency and agent productivity in all of the above-mentioned cases

How is cloud telephony changing the way businesses communicate today?

In today’s world, the way businesses communicate with customers has changed dramatically. Communication doesn’t happen just within the 4 walls of the office. It happens between people in different regions, on different scales and through different channels.

Cloud telephony, in particular, helps break the barriers that the traditional phone systems have.  Here are some ways in which this happens:

1. It supports communication that has moved outside the walls of the office:

A call center is no novelty. However, for a relatively smaller company, even today, running a call center can be a huge investment. Setting up a call centre with zero CAPEX can help ease the burden. This is something cloud telephony can do with ease.
As more companies are venturing outside the 4 walls of their office, customer conversations are also moving outside these walls. Powering this communication through mobile phones is the only solution. Cloud telephony enables this communication in a more streamlined, controlled and systematic manner.

2. It supports innovation:

Innumerable companies are now coming up with cutting edge solutions to real world problems. In catering to these issues, cloud telephony plays an important role. Companies of different sizes have used cloud telephony in some of the most innovative ways, beyond imagination. Click here to see some creative uses of  Cloud Telephony.

Advantages of using cloud telephony

Avoid hassles

If you had to setup your own phone system, it would involve procuring EPABX boxes or servers, getting PRI lines provisioned and to top it all, you need to spend a lot of time, effort and money on maintenance. At Exotel, there is a team which monitors the health of the servers, telephone lines and takes appropriate action if there are any issues. We also keep a close watch on the capacity of the servers and phone lines as well as add resources as and when it is required.

By opting for cloud telephony, you don’t need worry about all of this. You can concentrate on your core business. Read about how one of Exotel’s clients decided against building and maintaining their infrastructure and opted for Exotel instead.

Highly reliable

The servers behind cloud telephony services are located in secure data centres. This reduces the chances of downtimes due to issues like fibre cuts, roads getting dug up, and physical outages.

Exotel has an uptime of 99.94%, and this is one of the best in the industry.

Scale at will

As you grow, your phone system will grow with you. With cloud telephony systems, you can keep adding users, virtual numbers , call flows as you grow. Your call volume can increase without you having to worry about any additional infrastructure. It is all taken care of. Just as you quickly as you can upgrade, you can also downsize at will. So running small experiments will now be a breeze.

No Physical Servers

No physical servers are required at your office location. So, in addition to having zero server cost, you are also saving on real estate cost.

Complete Control

You can make quick changes to your system from your browser. No IT team needed anymore. Cloud telephony players such as Exotel are now making it easy for you to create IVR number call flows.

Exotel’s Visual APIs allow you to build complex call flows with simple drag and drop functions.

Custom Integrations

Most cloud telephony players have simple APIs, allowing quick integration with existing software like CRM, Helpdesk, and database. Instead of having a standalone box just doing the call routing, you now get a connected world where you can easily know more about your customers – When was the last time they spoke to you, what did you talk about, what is the feedback they had for you, do you have any pending issues with the particular client, what are they using your system for, etc.

Actionable Insights

Get key metrics, understand performance and optimise your operations with cloud telephony. Cloud telephony players allow you to get detailed reports with data including call volumes the number of calls missed, agent productivity, duration of calls and a lot more.

Make and receive calls on the go

With the workforce moving outside the walls of the office, you can now ensure they’re connected on the go. No need to keep your employees chained to their desks.

Safeguard the privacy of your customers

For companies, customers are the reason they exist and protecting their privacy is imperative. Through cloud telephony, companies can now enable their personnel to speak to customers without revealing either party’s phone number. Thanks to virtual phone number India . With looming concerns about privacy,  safeguarding the customer’s personal information becomes the brand’s prerogative.

Exotel safeguards the privacy of many such companies. Click here to see how Peppertap and Ola safeguard the privacy of their customers.

How can I use Exotel for my business?


Safeguard the privacy of your customers

Connect your vendors, delivery personnel, drivers, etc without revealing the customer’s phone number.

Read how Ola does this


Real-time Customer updates

Send your customers real-time updates and keep them happy.

Read more about real-time customer updates


On call and SMS OTP

Enhance security by using two-factor authentication. Use Exotel’s on call or SMS OTP and add a level of security to your business.

Read more about OTP SMS


Automated Calls and SMS

Create communication touch-points based on your customers’ actions. Automate processes you don’t want manual labour to spend their time on.

Learn how Indus Action does this


Build a call center

Build a full-featured contact center in minutes with zero infrastructure or hardware cost with our cloud call center software India . Scale as you grow.

Learn how Logisure uses Exotel to run their call center


Vendor connect for marketplaces

Connect your clients with the appropriate vendors. Keep the accountability, tracking and privacy intact.

Learn how Quikr do this

Future of cloud telephony

When we look at the people using cloud telephony in the most innovative way, it’s interesting to note that they’re at the two ends of the spectrum. We have one set of people who are pushing the boundaries of cloud telephony by using it with cutting-edge technology. Think, Internet of Things (IoT).

The easiest way to “talk” to your devices and to build a great user experience is through cloud telephony. Using calls and SMS can reduce the number of touch points you need to make something work. At the same time, these calls and SMSes can also be tracked and measured to innovate consistently.

While IoT is at one end of the spectrum of innovation, cloud telephony can also be used as a “carrier” medium. Calls and SMS are the easiest way to reach out to people to a large sect of individuals who are untouched by any other type of technology.

Something that started out as a simple technology to empower businesses and power customer communication has come a long way. Technology is only as powerful as what it is used for. Cloud telephony, with its innovative and compelling adoptions, has evolved far beyond its expectations.

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