Customer Success Story – Ola Cabs

About Ola Cabs
Ola is one of India’s biggest cab aggregators. They power over 7,50,000 cab rides in a day in over 100 cities. Started in 2010, Ola cabs is the perfect blend between technology and transportation. With multiple categories of cabs, Ola has managed to revolutionize the way people travel. They were the first to make available a full blown mobile app for Android and iOS that allows customers to check, book, track, communicate and even pay for their rides without having to make a single phone call ever!
Ola uses Exotel for:
  • Running their day‐to‐day business via calls
  • Maintaining customer privacy (number anonymization)
  • Driver training feedback via IVR solutions
  • Driver updates & engagement via outbound call campaigns and SMS
Running their day-to-day business via calls
The Problem
Ola’s business is heavily dependent on customer communication via calls & SMS. They needed to provide their drivers with a calling solution that would simplify communications between the driver and rider. They also needed a solution that they could easily track, scale and rely on.
The Solution
Using Exotel’s cloud telephony solution was the answer to Ola’s problems. Ola’s drivers could now easily call customers using Exotel’s virtual numbers. Exotel allowed drivers to connect with customers with just a simple click of a button.
The Impact
We wanted a partner who would take care of the telephony backend and provide us a reliable solution. Exotel did just this for us
says Prateek Jain, Senior Product Manager , Olacabs . Gradually, Ola kept expanding its operations all over India using Exotel’s solutions. Exotel’s call solutions are now powering calls in all the 100 cities that Ola operates in. When an Ola cab is booked, all communications with the driver happen via Exotel on both sides. Also, in case of emergencies, the Ola managers could now listen to the call recordings to hear what happened between the driver & the customer and accordingly take suitable action.
Maintaining Customer Privacy
The Problem
Protecting the privacy of customers has become imperative in almost every business. It’s a precautionary step most businesses are willing to take. Ola too wanted to protect the privacy of its customers.
The Solution
The best way for them to do this was to hide the numbers of their customers. Exotel did just that for them. Using a virtual number provided by Exotel, Ola’s drivers could now call their customers without being able to see their number.
The Result
Ola’s customers now feel a lot more safe because the cab driver doesn’t know their number.
This number masking feature has been a very worthy addition to making our experience even better,
says Prateek Jain.
Driver training feedback via IVR solutions
The Problem
Ola wanted to train their drivers in between cab rides. While videos are used for training them, getting feedback on whether or not they understood the training was difficult to gauge. They would have had to individually call and check this. Therefore, Ola wanted a smarter way to capture this information.
The Solution
Exotel’s IVR solution helped get feedback on the training the drivers received.
The Result
Ola could now tell whether the drivers actually understood the training module or not. What’s even better, they could call back only those drivers that didn’t understand the module or had queries about the same.
Instead of calling 1000’s of drivers to train them, we only call those will doubts or questions that need answering. This really helped us save time & resources,
says Prateek.
Driver updates & engagement via automated IVR calls and SMS
The Problem
Ola wanted to inform drivers about the new features introduced from time to time or the offers running during a particular period. They also wanted a way to remind drivers that haven’t logged in, to log in. Of course, telling drivers individually was completely out of the question. Ola was looking for an easy & smart solution for the same.
How Exotel helped
Exotel’s automated IVR calling helped Ola inform the drivers about the new features and offers they had. Ola’s drivers now knew of offers & features as and when they were rolled out. This also solved the problem of drivers not logging in after registering.
We also use Exotel to call/send SMS to drivers who have registered with Ola but haven’t logged in for a while to remind them about using the system,
says Prateek Jain, Product Manager, Ola Cabs.
Exotel’s product is highly customizable and dependable. What’s even better is that their response time is pretty top notch. In the case of any issues, they are present to make sure everything is working correctly. ­ – Prateek Jain


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