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Retail – Shops, Stores and Outlets use Exotel for Calls & SMS

Retail Outlets, Shops & Stores have smart phone numbers with Exotel
Many retail stores, outlets and shops normally run successful businesses with great products, distribution channels and offline partnerships, but all their customers are calling them on the phone numbers, and they are typically unable to get a handle on how to improve operations on the calls and voice bit.
Exotel has been able to help a lot of retail businesses such as Belita, Just Books, Madhuloka and more who utilize multiple simple features and applications of Exotel along with a simple virtual phone number such as:

  1. Multiple outlets have multiple phone numbers and tracking operations can be simplified via IVR feature on a single phone number.
  2. Track all conversations and quality of how your team and customers interact with Call Recordings .
  3. Take separate short term phone numbers to do return on Marketing in print media .
  4. Virtual phone numbers make zero investment in any telecom infrastructure, and more!

You can check out some successful case-studies of existing retail clients of Exotel.


Just Books uses a Toll Free Number for customer support & an internal support number with Exotel across 60+ stores
Just Books provides passionate book readers an easy neighborhood store to visit and take books on read-basis just like a simple library. They currently use Exotel for 2 reasons and Subhash talks to us about both use-cases.


Belita India Retail, beauty and spa services provider, uses Exotel to manage appointments and tracking leads
Belita India provides beauty and wellness services at the doorstep of clients. Deep Singh talks to us about how Belita uses Exotel
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