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Real Estate

The Real Estate market in India is booming and the capacity and consumption of both housing and ease of living is fast-tracking. We have a lot of online portals dedicated to helping end consumers/businesses/brokers and owners connect, collaborate and find the best buyers for their land/house/apartments. Many of them have been and continue to be our customers like, Commonfloor, HomeShikari, Smart Owner and more. There are software providers to enable easy housing like ApartmentADDA or even builders and real estate developers like HCM, Jain Heights etc.
A lot of consumers and builders interact over Voice & Telephony and Exotel has multiple fits in this space in various ways. We have done some special case studies around real estate focused companies, and you can read more about them below.


ApartmentADDA Sends SMS via Exotel to make Apartment managers’ lives easier
ApartmentADDA is an easy to use Society Accounting & Management Software which helps management committees and apartment complex owners to run their society in an easy manner.
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