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NGO & Social Enterprises use Technology

NGO & Social Enterprises use Exotel to measure ROI:
A lot of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) and Non-Profit associations/Social Enterprises have 2-3 major problems in running their daily operations:

  1. Fundraising for which Metrics & Data should be available to showcase “reach & impact”
  2. Utilizing Technology and different tools available to automate a lot of operations.
  3. Developing a great experience and creating impact for their end customers.

There are multiple ways an NGO can run their campaigns for data collection, lead generation and support help-lines using Exotel. A lot of organizations also utilize SMS, Call Recording and Missed Call features.
If you’re looking for the how cloud telephony can help your NGO, click here to see the 5 problems it can help your NGO solve .
Amnesty International uses Exotel to garner support for its campaigns
Amnesty International India is an organisation that campaigns for a world in which everyone enjoys human rights. It is a global movement that actively defends and protects the rights of people.


Saving Indian farmers using Exotel
About 4 years ago, Hemant and a group of volunteers based in the US realized there was a need to address the growing number of farmer suicides. And that’s how Save Indian Farmers was conceived. A non-profit organization set up in the US, Save Indian Farmers was formed with its focus on farmer suicide related issues. uses Exotel to garner support for #SteelFlyoverBeda is a campaigning organisation that helps people take action collectively on issues that interest or affect them, and create change that would not be possible if they acted alone. Using Exotel’s missed call campaign, they were able to garner the support of 100,000 people in less than 3 days


Paperman uses Exotel to aid ‘Trash Funding’
Paperman is an organization that is set-up to promote recycling at the individual or company level. They work closely with scrap dealers, also known as Kabbadiwallahs’, in the locality who then go and pick up waste from citizens in the form of plastic, glass, metal and paper.


Exotel helps Indus Action reach parents from the Economically Weaker Sections of Society
Indus Action is an organization that aims to mobilize public resources and empower communities to solve our prevalent problems. Areas such as education, public health, law enforcement and accountability are their primary focus. Project Eklavya is Indus Action’s current program that focuses on the RTE Act or 2009.


Jagriti Uses Exotel to Measure ROI in Print Media
Jagriti Yatra is a special project and initiative that believes in inspiring many young Indian’s to take up Entrepreneurship as a career choice by providing them a unique journey to meet, interact with some of the best minds in the country, and using the medium of travel to instigate this drive.
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