Exotel helps PepperTap protect customer privacy
About PepperTap
PepperTap is revolutionizing the way people buy groceries. Ever since they started in 2014, PepperTap is helping customers get their daily needs through the convenience of their phone. Through automation, they are able to deliver quality products from nearby supermarkets in a timely fashion. By aggregating retailers, PepperTap aims to revolutionize the retail ecosystem.
Exotel for PepperTap
  • Number anonymisation for customer privacy
  • SMS to customers
  • Customer support line
PepperTap ‐ The story
PepperTap was founded with the idea of delivering quality products at the convenience of the customer. It was born as a result of a personal painpoint. Milind Sharma’s 6 day long weeks at work left him no time to go shop for groceries. This led to the birth of PepperTap.
The problem
PepperTap’s business model relies heavily on ensuring every customer order is delivered with impeccable precision. Ensuring customer satisfaction is also one of PepperTap’s primary goals. So, setting up a customer support number was imperative. Initially, their call centre had about 5 to 7 members taking over 200 to 300 calls a day.
Milind and Navneet then wanted to scale their business and ensure delivery within a span of 2 hours. Having been in logistics previously, they were absolutely sure they could master that aspect. As they began to scale their business, Milind recognized the need for a better way to scale and handle their customer calls.
They also wanted to make it easy for the delivery boys to call their customers while maintaining the customer’s privacy.
Working with Exotel
We are helping customers order their daily needs and deliver quality service. Exotel is helping us deliver that and we are extremely happy with their service. We have grown with Exotel from day one and it’s been a good run so far.
 Milind Sharma – Co­founder , PepperTap
Exotel’s number masking was the answer to PepperTap’s problem – Peppertap added a simple “click to call” button in their app. Using this, their delivery personnel could call their customers without knowing their phone number.
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Exotel’s plug and play system allowed them get setup within an hour. “The IVR flow was very easy for us and was very simple to customize”, says Milind. As soon as Peppertap signed up for Exotel, they created an SMS template that was ready to go live in a matter of minutes.They were able to quickly send SMSes and setup IVR flows as per their convenience.
Growth with Exotel
Exotel has helped us build scale since day one and has helped us reach where we are on the SMS and IVR front.
says Milind. From a company with a 5 to 7 member call center model, Exotel has helped Peppertap expanded to over 15 cities with about 3,000 people on ground. Peppertap is working with over 200‐300 retailers to deliver products within a span of 2 hours, and Exotel is helping them achieve this timely delivery. Their plan is to move from 2,500 bikers to about 10,000 bikers leveraging Exotel’s services.

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