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Business Phone System applications for the HR, Recruitment Industry
The Job sector and career market is booming in India, and with the rise of companies calling themselves Naukri 2.0, means that they need to provide much easier and simpler interaction for both job seekers and job providers. This 2.0 movement for businesses and HR-Recruiting agencies can only happen if they use technology to their advantage, and in a country like India, where mobile penetration is best, automation using calls, SMS, voice should be a must.
Using Exotel and a smart virtual PBX solution can help you track the calls your team makes and automate + stream-line with a good HR software on follow-ups as well. Many companies are using Exotel in this domain like Babajob, Hasgeek, Mettl and more features with use IVR + SMS solution . This can be integrated into your existing CRM as well using our API.


Babajob Manages Their Call Center Through Exotel’s Cloud Telephony
Babajob provides jobs to the informal sector and helps job seekers and employers meet over a simple technology platform.
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