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Hospitality – Hotels, Resorts, Getaways, Business Hotels use Exotel’s cloud telephony system
The hospitality business is a blink and miss one. Missing a call or failing to satisfy a customer is not an option. This is also an industry where word-of-mouth (or of the internet) plays a very big role in the customers’ decision.
While a lot of the travel research has moved to the internet, most customers still want to speak to someone at reservations before they decide on a booking. This call, therefore, becomes very critical for the business. And with Exotel, businesses can rest assured that their business phone system is in reliable hands.
Some ways in which our hospitality clients typically use Exotel for:

  1. Professional IVR greeting when a customer calls up and transferring the call to the right department like reservation, front desk etc
  2. Gathering feedback from the guests after their stay
  3. Monitoring the quality of the customer service over calls
  4. Tracking call volumes and ensuring the right staffing of the front desk at all times
  5. Measuring Marketing ROI


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