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Finance, Banking & Investment companies find the power of Cloud Telephony in Exotel
Many companies are now providing a lot of ways for their customers (end consumers) in India to engage with them over telephone, phone numbers and SMS with the large mobile penetration in the Indian state.
Companies such as Bankbazaar, Scripbox, Global Citizens and more are using the Exotel platform and product to fulfill their many needs such as:

  1. Incoming Call Support phone number.
  2. Interactive SMS dialogue with customers.
  3. Payment collection and reminders with IVR calls and automated SMS.
  4. Tracking the callers, consumers discussions and interactions with call recording. and more use-cases are coming up every-day.

You can check out some successful case-studies of existing finance/banking and investment focussed clients of Exotel.


Scripbox uses a single virtual phone number to receive calls and SMS
Scripbox is a simple online tool which allows individuals to invest in mutual funds online via simple 4-5 basket options carefully selected by the Scripbox team.
numberzNumberz uses Exotel for customer acquisition
Numberz is a simple cash flow management company that provides its clients with a software. This software enables their clients to have access to a daily cash flow management tool as well as gives them access to a large pool of investments.
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