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Exotel – the Indian Entrepreneur’s phone solution
Exotel though solving many problems of Small and Medium Businesses across India, also with its unique product features solves a lot of problems for the real entrepreneurs running this country from their home, from a small kitchen, teaching students, taking workshops, cooking and delivering food and many such entrepreneurs are ignored by typical telecom solution providers.
We are solving many interesting problems for some of these Indian Entrepreneurs or SOHO (Self Employed, Home Office) working individuals, who might be developing and designing websites for their customers from home and need a smarter phone solution and wish to separate their personal and professional lives!
Few solutions that Exotel already provides:

  1. Simple easy Voice-mail connected to a web application and your e-mail.
  2. Nice IVR with which you can remove any unwanted questions or repeat questions.
  3. Timing application which during your work timings will send all calls to voice-mail, but during rest hours, will send the call to your phone.
  4. A separate smart virtual phone number for your business, Do NOT share your personal number for work purposes.

Also, see check out some of these amazing case studies below of Entrepreneurs using Exotel to solve their problems.


Indian Entrepreneur teaching music uses voice-mail to not miss calls
Mr. Madhan and his wife are the real Indian Entrepreneurs of today, they teach young students music and dance in Chennai, and typically get a lot of calls, but have to focus on the teaching as well. They started utilizing Aircel Voice-mail, but since that stopped, they bumped into a better tool of ours to solve their problems and never miss calls.
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