Customer Success Story – Zivame

About Zivame
Zivame is India’s leading online retail lingerie store. Recognizing that the Indian lingerie division was vastly under-served, Richa Kar started Zivame. From premium to high-end brands, Richa’s company provides a one-stop shop solution in the lingerie arena.
In a business like Zivame’s, efficiency plays an important role. Confirmation of orders plays an imperative part in helping create an efficient process.
Zivame uses Exotel for:
  • Cash on Delivery verification via missed calls and SMSes
Zivame uses Exotel for COD verification
The Problem
In the E-commerce business, cancellation of COD orders is one of the biggest challenges companies face. Companies lose large sums of money due to the cancellation of COD orders. Before Exotel stepped in, Zivame’s employees had to call every customer that made a COD purchase at least 2-3 times to confirm. Even then, some of these orders would get cancelled.

The Solution
Zivame uses Exotel’s SMS and missed call marketing services . Each time a COD order is placed, Zivame sends customers a text via Exotel, mentioning a number customers can give a missed call on. This missed call is treated as an order confirmation.
Exotel is a great plug and play system that got set up in a very short span of time.
Richa Kar, Cofounder & CEO, Zivame
The Impact
“In the E-Commerce space, cancellation of a COD orders is very common. To negate this, we used Exotel extensively. It has helped us lessen the chances of cancellation” – Richa Kar
The solution helps Zivame in multiple ways:
  1. It helps confirm the order so that no order is missed
  2. It helps prevent cancellation of orders
  3. It helps make sure there are no bogus orders
  4. It ultimately prevents the companies from incurring losses


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