Exotel helps Quikr connect buyers and sellers with increased efficiency

About Quikr
Quikr is India’s #1 online classifieds platform that connects buyers and sellers of goods and services to one another. Headquartered in Mumbai, Quikr operates in 940 cities across India, is accessed by more than 30 million unique users and has 26 million brand new customers every month. With over 13 categories & 170 sub-categories, Quikr now prides itself in its 4.2 million listings and over 150 million interactions.
Quikr uses Exotel to
  • Connect potential customers on Quikr to the right vendors for the services they require
  • Monetize Quikr’s services product based on the analysis of Exotel’s call data
  • Send SMS alerts to customers about the new services Quikr adds
Quikr’s new product
Quikr has introduced a new product called Quikr Services. It has a database of vendors who offer a plethora of services. With a large number of companies offering similar services, the best way for Quikr to differentiate their offerings was to ensure that the customer interaction happened in a smooth and efficient manner.
Quikr’s aim
  1. Ensuring smooth customer interaction:
    • Not bombarding the user with calls from irrelevant vendors
    • Have the customer speak to multiple service providers to get the best experience possible


  2. Monetization of the Quikr Services:
    • Track leads passed on to vendors
    • Easy dispute resolution
The technology behind this innovation
Exotel checks all the boxes to implement Quikr’s offerings.

Exotel’s cloud telephony is the central technology for this product,

says Praveen Chandran , Product Head for Services vertical, Quikr .
The process
When a potential buyer logs in a request on the Quikr Services app, they’re connected with the appropriate vendors. Here’s how this happens:
  • Exotel first calls up the relevant vendor. The vendor can either choose to reject or accept the call. If the vendor accepts the call, they can talk to the client.
  • After buyer finishes talking to vendor 1, Quikr checks with them if they’d like to speak to more vendors. If the buyer says yes, Exotel connects them to 4-5 more relevant vendors.
Smooth Customer Interaction
  1. Since the calls are connected via Exotel, the buyer can speak to as many vendors as they’d like to without revealing their phone number. Privacy, check!
  2. The buyer also can pick the correct vendor without being bombarded endlessly with calls!
Monetising Quikr Services
As soon as a call is completed, Exotel sends Quikr all the relevant call data. Quikr now analyses information like if the call was answered, what was the duration of the call, etc to monetise Quikr services.
  • Charge vendors:
    If the call lasts less than 30 seconds, Quikr does not charge the vendor for the lead since the call did not last long enough to have a tangible outcome.

Exotel’s team really helped with this solution. Exotel customized the product for us and made this feature available,

says Praveen.
  • Analyse data to improve services:
    Quikr analyses data for various other reasons such as determining how many service providers does a customer speak to on an average, what is the proportion of service providers that answer the calls, what are the general problem areas and so on.

So, say for instance a group of service providers are not answering calls, we send the data to our ops team to help figure out a solution and possibly educate the service providers,

says Praveen.
The efficiency of connecting vendors to customers
Quikr is now able to reach a great level of efficiency. Before Exotel’s solution, Quikr would reach out to customers via their call center. They would take the requirements on call and then reach out to service providers which required too much manual intervention.

Our level of efficiency has drastically increased ever since we’ve started using Exotel. It’s increased by at least 3X,

says Praveen.
SMS blast for new service alerts
Quikr also uses Exotel’s services for SMS blasts. Each time Quikr adds a new service in a particular city, they send an SMS to their customers in that city, alerting them about the new service.
3 reasons why Exotel gets a thumbs up from Quikr
Quikr’s product manager mentioned three specific things that he liked about Exotel.
  • Exotel’s APIs – “Exotels APIs are very clearly defined. Our tech team could integrate them in no time. It’s easy to incorporate in any product”, says Praveen.
  • The Relationship Managers – “Personally my experience with Exotel was great because the relationship managers and service were very prompt. Even if we had a non‐standard requirement, we could get it implemented within a time frame. Your team was willing to go that extra mile to help”, says Praveen.
  • Exotel’s Uptimes – “Exotel’s uptimes so far have been great. We haven’t really experienced any problems”, says Praveen.
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