Call Software to handle business calls


In a world obsessed with social media and E-mails, the dynamics of customer communications have changed. We assume that phone conversations with brands are obsolete. But, irrespective of the first medium of contact, the resolution of the problem still need a phone call.

This being the case, how can we make businesses talk to customers more efficiently?

Traditional phone systems

Mobile phone/Landlines

When companies start out, they put out a mobile or a landline number. Usually, it is their personal number. As the company begins to grow, the number of customer calls multiply. And it’s not possible to handle multiple conversations on a single device. Companies, at this point, end up missing calls. Missed calls mean losing potential customers and making the current customers unhappy. This is the point at which they move to an EPABX system.

EPABX system

An EPABX system is one wherein you set up a physical call centre. Although it is a fantastic way to handle a large number of calls, it requires a huge amount of investment. This is both in terms of infrastructure and money. Naturally, companies with limited resources will find it a challenge to divert these large funds. So what does a company like this do?

Enter – Call software

A call software is the best solution for companies of all sizes. A call software quite literally is a software solution used to make calls. So, instead of using physical PRI lines or EPABX systems, you will now use a web dashboard connected to a physical number. Software companies such as Exotel allow companies to get all the benefits of a full-fledged call centre at minimal costs.

What this means for companies

Early stage startups:

As an early stage startup, it is important to focus on their core business. Often times, the founders of companies end up answering calls. This takes them away from their actual business at hand. A call software helps fix this problem. A software will help founders assign the task of handling the call to one person while being able to monitor the conversations.

Mid & large sized firms:

A lot of business, especially for mid and large sized firms, happens via phone calls. Paying attention to the way these calls are handled is one of the ways of ensuring smooth functioning of the business. Using an EPABX system, this is not possible to do. With a call software like Exotel, companies can now track and record calls to ensure the quality of service given to customers is top notch.

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Benefits of using a call software:

A call software such as Exotel has the following benefits, irrespective of the size of the company:

No infrastructure investment:

With an EPABX system, the cost of the hardware, getting the facility and setting it up is massive. With a call software, however, there is no infrastructure required. All you have to do is purchase the software, set it up by linking it to your number and start using it. No PRI lines, no physical phone lines are needed.

No manpower investment for expertise:

With typical hardware systems, there is a constant need for companies to hire and retain an IT professional to maintain these systems. A call software eliminates the need for an IT expert. Maintenance is simple and any problem can be immediately resolved by the company the software was purchased from.

Professional call handling:

A call software can be used to set up a professional IVR that your customers can hear when they dial in. An IVR is the most professional and easiest way for your customers to get in touch with the right employee who can help him. Apart from this, a call software with an IVR also helps you keep track of customers that call after office hours, thereby giving your company a professional image.

Multi-level IVR:

Using a call software, you can set up a multi-level IVR. This means your customers can now get connected to the right person without any manual intervention. It helps save the time of your employees and customers as well as helps your company gain a professional outlook.

Call recordings for disputes, training & feedback:

With a call software such as Exotel, recording conversations happen automatically. Recordings can help in two ways:

Dispute resolution:

In case there is a problem between your customer and your employee, the call recording will be helpful to see what actually happened and how the issue can be resolved.

Product feedback:

With recordings available, product feedback now becomes easy. The recordings will now reveal what the clients think should improve and the same can be forwarded to the product team.

Training agents & tracking productivity:

Call recordings are a good way to train employees and give them feedback on their conversations with customers. For instance, in case there is a new employee, he can now listen to the conversation between an old employee and a customer to see how he should be handling queries. In the same way, feedback can be given to him once his calls are recorded in the system.

With each call now being logged into the system, you can check what your agents are doing, how many calls they are making, when they are making them and so on. It is an effective way to track the productivity of your agents.

Detailed daily reporting:

Using a call software like Exotel, you can now get daily reports on how many calls were made, which agent made the most number of calls and so on. This will help you track your team’s overall performance and plan the team’s goals better.

Scale at will:

The best part about having a call software is that scaling up and down becomes very easy. If at any point you need to add more agents, you can easily do so by adding them to your system. There is no need to buy any additional hardware or phone lines. It is also just as easily to scale down as it is to scale up.

Better reliability:

Using a call software is more reliable than using an EPABX system or even a simple mobile phone. If one server goes down, calls in a call software automatically get routed via another city/server, ensuring that the effect on clients is almost negligible.

At Exotel, we take our uptimes very seriously and have the best in business uptime of 99.94%.

Automation using APIs:

Automating tasks that are done manually saves a lot of time and manpower. A call software such Exotel allows easy automation of certain manual tasks with the help of APIs. You can now, for instance, automate outbound calls if you have to send out the same piece of information to a large number of people.

Integration with CRM & Helpdesk:

Using a call software, you can now integrate your calls with your CRM & Helpdesk. So each time a customer calls, your agent can access the right information and knowledge about a customer’s history to improve the overall customer experience.

Power your business with a call software