How did it come about?

This is exactly a year old due post and after being immersed in building a product for our customers and working with them every day to improve it – we are happy to have taken that path. (in delaying this post)

Exotel was born out of a need of another SME to manage it’s calls and messages easily. This SME was a start-up being run by our man, Shivku  and it was called Roopit. Roopit was an online marketplace to make meet buyers and sellers and a lot of it was run over phone calls, SMS apart from the internet.

I remember Shivku at NASSCOM Product Conclave 2010, in jeans and chappals running around like a real bootstrapping entrepreneur would and he had 2 phones in his hand. He was not able to have a single 2-minute meaningful conversation with anyone (it seemed to me) because his +91 9916-ROOPIT number would keep ringing and each phone call was an important lead for his company, he could not afford to miss a single call. He was doing what an entrepreneur should – take care of his customers, and that meant speaking to them over the cell phone – so he did.

After a few months, he got tired of missing calls. He would look at an average get around 60-80 calls a day (incoming – support based), and he sometimes would miss some of them, and obviously that hurt his business.

He wanted 2 things every business wants:

  1. Data of what and how many calls, and from where etc.
  2. He wanted good uptime and be rest assured the calls would come and even if he missed them he could track it.

A hacker from birth, he decided to build something that would not let him miss calls – therefore he built Exotel’s first version and then launched it at Unpluggd (Video on with Ishwar .

So what is Exotel?

Exotel is a Business Phone System on the Cloud. In digest-able human language, it means a Hosted IVR or PBX – an intelligent system that is magically put on the Cloud that can take LOTS of calls and make LOTS of calls – divert, do a voice mail, record each call, track and optimise your voice/SMS needs for your business. Just sign up for an Exotel demo/trial account with us to know more.


The vision is to change the world in our own way. After feeling the pain-point ourselves, we have decided to tackle this problem for so many businesses out there facing the same issues. Technology and Telephony have been in a silo for too long. Imagine knowing who called you, when they called you, from where are they calling you, what time – and being able to take all this data and optimise man-power requirement, quality checks, improvement in customer experience!

Exotel focuses on making it easier for you to run your business over voice and SMS.

AUTHOR: Vijay Sharma

Vijay Sharma, Co-founder at Exotel, is known for his extremely driven, straightforward and tactful nature. A hustler at heart and an excellent recruiter by profession, Vijay is the perfect blend of hard work and fun.

  • Vijay Sharma Today did an article on 10 start-ups that pivoted successfully and this story is there too! – (There are more and pretty engaging ones)

    August 24, 2012

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