Terrace talks for us, has always been about learning something new & interesting. We’ve had people from all walks of life, giving us the opportunity to listen to their wonderful experiences. At last week’s Terrace Talks, Sabbah Haji too brought us a very enterprising story. Within the hour that she spent with us, she took us through the journey of Haji Public School – where it was and where it stands today.


Sabbah Haji grew up in Bangalore. Visiting Kashmir often during her summer break, Sabbah realized how different the quality of education there was from the education she had received. Although the kids there were equally bright, their only disadvantage was the quality of education they received or lack thereof. Sabbah soon decided it was time to move back and do something for these kids. And so, she did.

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Haji Public School was born as a result of this. It is a school started and primarily funded by Sabbah’s uncle, Nasir Haji. Its aim is to educate kids in the Doda district of Kashmir.  Each year, volunteers come from all over the world for a minimum period of 3 months, teaching them various subjects. From a school of about 30, Haji Public School has now grown with 350 plus students from 8 villages.

Sabbah’s kids at Haji Public School are far beyond their years. Not only are they able to speak fluent English, but they are also ardent followers of Lord of The Rings, sports and even English music (Oh yeah! They love Adele). Things that would seem almost unimaginable are a part of these kids daily lives. Education made all of this possible. We were stunned by the impact education has had on Doda.

In the future, Sabbah aims to build the school further and provide these kids with an impeccable education. We hope her endeavours are successful.

To know more about Haji Public School or to volunteer with the school, click here.

AUTHOR: Ashima Raizada
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