A very crisp small post on a question regularly asked by many companies targeting urban/metro or tier 1 city customers who are on mobile phones.

As per TRAI guidelines, if a mobile number is registered on the Do-Not-Call registry, then only Transactional SMS or Transactional Calls can/should be made to these customers. We have explained in a few posts around Promotional/Tele-Marketing guidelines and SMS Guidelines of what should be and can be done.

Then, the natural question is how many people in these focus cities (Major 6) are on DND? We don’t have absolute data, but we have a large database of consumers interacting to/from our customers via calls & SMS, and the data states that around 45% of people in India’s top 6 cities are on DND. (There were few more statistics from our E-Commerce: Who’s calling in – Statistics )

This means, you can reach out to 55% of these phone numbers via a normal call, and a Promotional SMS will also reach them, but the other 45% should not be disturbed.

Let us know if you think there is some more statistics that could help your business, and we will try figuring it out.

AUTHOR: Vijay Sharma

Vijay Sharma, Co-founder at Exotel, is known for his extremely driven, straightforward and tactful nature. A hustler at heart and an excellent recruiter by profession, Vijay is the perfect blend of hard work and fun.

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