We have a proud announcement we’re excited to share with you. We have a new office!

The citizens of the Gaulish Village have now moved to Getafix. In case you haven’t met Getafix yet, here he is , the wise old man.

Move to this new space has been very exciting. We have come such a long way in the last 4 years. From a tiny team in a 3 bedroom home office, we are now over 50 folks in a super cool office space spread across 3 floors. Our aim to outgrow this place before this year ends.

If you’re awesome like we are, come join our team. We have a whole bunch of openings for folks who’d like to be a part of a fantastic growth story. If you’re kick ass at work and play, you’ll fit right in here.


Head over here  to see what makes you tick. If you’d like to say hello, drop by .

PS: watch out for some pictures from the new office soon!

AUTHOR: Shivakumar Ganesan

Shivku is the co-founder and CEO at Exotel. He is usually found cracking PJs in the office and disrupting people from doing their job. A self-proclaimed foodie, he is the best person to get the local food scene advice from, irrespective of where you are travelling to.

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