I was sitting alone at home one day with nothing particular to do. Many clashing thoughts in my mind started to slowly calm down and I reached a moment when I was finished analyzing thoughts that were bothering me or needing my attention (at least at that moment). At that bliss, my senses were in full control and I was able to observe the faintest sounds and the lightest movements. I felt rejuvenated and excited. I then wondered, as a society, Do we give importance to “Alone time”? I defined Alone time as: When you don’t have anyone around for companionship and have nothing in particular to do. You are at a comfortable place, such as your home. I wanted to find out and mailed a quick survey to fellow citizens at Exotel. Here is what the survey had:     Quick survey Quick survey 1 Quick survey 2

















Here is what came out it:

  • 86% of us thought we needed “Alone time”. 
  • What was surprising was 73% of us thought we already have enough alone time. This was a bouncer for me! Perhaps people are able to find time for themselves in their  busy lives. Perhaps, I need to get a better with my time management!
  • During alone time, people predominantly wanted to (in decreasing order of preference):
    1) Read (By a large majority)
    2) Travel (This is surprising! I didn’t realise so many people liked travelling alone!)
    3) Stop thinking (Which was reflected in things like watching TV, Do something mindless etc)
    4) Reflect on work related stuff.

I assumed that people didn’t have enough alone time, but I seem to be mistaken. I shelved my original plan of announcing “WFH Wednesday” as that does not seem necessary. Also note that people want to do completely extreme things like “Stop thinking about work” and “Reflect on work related stuff”. 

AUTHOR: Shivakumar Ganesan

Shivku is the co-founder and CEO at Exotel. He is usually found cracking PJs in the office and disrupting people from doing their job. A self-proclaimed foodie, he is the best person to get the local food scene advice from, irrespective of where you are travelling to.

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