A lot of our prospective & current customers would ask for a few things presuming we would have average standard data on how companies are managing support, and we until recently for a vertical did not have any specific numbers, but now we do. People who want to know what time customers call, from typically where do customers call, what are the major shifts to load balance on operations and the duration of an average support call so they can plan their growth accordingly, so here it is:

We along with YourStory took out this report and infographic and released it here – http://yourstory.in/2013/02/e-commerce-whos-calling-in/

The interesting points are the following:

1. 87% of calls still come from the Metro cities (Tier 1 – NCR, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and Hyderabad) , seems like the customers are still in the metro cities.

2. Lunch time is the time when people make most calls.

3. The time slot 3-6PM is when your customer support team should be definitely available.

4. Average Call Duration is around 1.20 min

5. Thursday & Friday – closer to the weekend is when the calls come.

6. 41% of these callers are on DND, and that affects guidelines around SMS .

You can see more here and let us know what you think. We are not saying this is definitive, but could help your team’s run in a better fashion by putting your numbers against some average of over 100+ companies.

Also, some of our clients have very good unique case-studies as well which can help you understand how to improve upon current norms, and maybe introduce automation and tracking using Exotel. Do read some of the case studies here and pick up what you think might be useful.


AUTHOR: Vijay Sharma

Vijay Sharma, Co-founder at Exotel, is known for his extremely driven, straightforward and tactful nature. A hustler at heart and an excellent recruiter by profession, Vijay is the perfect blend of hard work and fun.

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