India is a country of vast diversities. And the number of languages we speak in this country stands testimony to that fact. In a way, Exotel is in the business of connecting people. We speak to prospective customers everyday from all corners of the country. While we default to English in a professional setup, we realised our conversations ended up being much better when we were able to speak to the customer in a language of his/her choice. And when we thought about how to make this happen for all our prospective customers, we figured we have folks in Exotel who speak Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati. And had most of the zones covered 🙂

But we had no idea where a call might be coming from and hence we had to assign the calls to free agents in the queue. But this meant that agent and customer didn’t necessarily speak the same mother tongue. Passing the call to the appropriate agent once you are into the call didn’t seem like a very practical solution. We wanted to automate this, if possible, so that based on customer’s phone number and his geo location, we could make an educated guess about the possible languages our customer would be comfortable with and do an intelligent call routing for business to our agents.

Due to the awesomeness that is our App Builder (#humblebrag), the necessary technology to implement this was already available with us and someone just needed to take the time out to sit and work on creating this wonderful solution.To implement this, I used some existing code which gives metadata about a number . I created a webpage which returned a unique string based on the telecom circle the customer was calling from and hosted this page on the server. Using this link, I configured a custom flow with the passthru applet on our App Builder. Based on the passthru response, using the switch case applet, I directed the flow to specific language ‘groups’ that I created in our Exotel dashboard beforehand with appropriate agents. And voila! Just like that, call routing to specific agents based on the circle from which a prospective customer was calling was up and running. This was one of the simplest yet most powerful codes I had written yet.

I believe this also gives agents an extra benefit when they try to explain and sell the product to a potential new client. The more you think about your customers and ways to effectively and efficiently help them in their business, the happier and satisfied he/she will be.
AUTHOR: Chinmay Bhattar
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