If your company has a Business telephony system like Exotel you would have noticed a music being played when a caller is being connected to your co-workers. This music is also played when the caller is placed on a queue. This is popularly called as the “On-hold” music.

As such, it does a good job of filling the void of silence and giving the caller company. But analysis of why and when callers hang-up as well as our data suggest that callers tend to hang up around the 30-40 sec mark while they wait to be connected to your agents. While an intelligent cloud telephony system will help you route the calls by time of the day, geography etc, you may still end up having a few customers waiting on the call for a long time.

This is where a good on-hold messaging can help you…

Strike when the iron is hot!

Typically outbound marketing involves spreading the net (marketing message) wide and hoping that you hit your target audience who would be interested in your product or service. But what if you already had a captive target audience who wants to know more about your product. Yes, that’s what your inbound callers are and they are most receptive to your messaging as they are hooked-on to that phone call. Convey new products and offers to callers when they are most receptive to up-selling.

For eg: Let’s say you are a e-commerce company, a caller who’s enquiring about her order status may well be interested to know about any discount offers which she’s missed seeing on your landing page.

Give a human touch

…and help callers understand that you will be with them shortly. Also, music can take the caller’s mind away from the boredom of being on hold. S/he is more likely to stay on hold and not drop-off the call.

Reinforce company’s brand image

Align the branding message played to callers on hold with the messaging used in your company’s ongoing ad campaigns. This helps reinforcing promotional messages and your brand image.

However, there a few things that you should take care of..

  • Ensure that your on-hold music is long enough and not very repetitive. If your hold time before going to voicemail is 40 secs, and your hold music repeats the same message every 10 secs the caller is likely to get irritated.
  • Don’t overload the message with too much content. A message that goes on for 30 secs is not going to hold the caller attention for long.
  • Keep changing your marketing content so that it doesn’t become stale.

If you are an Exotel user, you can setup your own custom branding music by installing the ‘Speak Your Brand’ app in the Exotel App Bazaar

AUTHOR: Karthikeyan K

Karthik was the first product manager at Exotel and also the first Karthik at Exotel (We now have 5!) Currently, he heads enterprise sales full-time and whenever he finds time, he's a #Thuglife evangelist at Exotel.

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