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Cash on Delivery automation for E-Commerce – IVR + SMS

Verification automation for E-Commerce companies – IVR + SMS


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Live Demo: Call 07967773640


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Many E-Commerce companies in India get at-least 50% of their orders with a Cash-on-Delivery request from the customer. But the company also needs to do a test that the order is not fake, and is not returned after being shipped due to the heavy costs involved. Many companies used to spend man power and telephone time to call customers individually, but now you can automate it using our cash on delivery verification app.
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“We do our CoD verification using Exotel” – Richa Kar, Zivame.
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Exotel is a business phone system on the cloud. Exotel provides a software for businesses which can receive multiple calls and SMSes concurrently. Exotel also provides sales and marketing tools via this software that helps business manage their calls and SMSes better.