IVR Call Routing

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a smart automated response system used by companies to automate and improve current telephone interactions with customers/vendors over voice.

How does this work?

Imagine your customer calling into your central phone number and asking to change his/her booking. But the call lands up with your sales agent who is on the ground. Now he has to call back the support team and there is an extra level of conversation which is not needed.

A smart IVR system could have allowed you to put a simple automated message like “Press 1 for a new booking, Press 2 for existing bookings and speaking to our support team” and when the customer hears this input, he/she presses 2 and the support team member is able to solve the problem immediately!

How does IVR help?

1. Automating Processes.
2. Building a brand on a single point of contact.
3. Reducing man-power time spent and Reporting per team.
4. Virtual redirection of calls.

Who should use an IVR solution?

1. Any business with > 1 team/business facing customers (e.g. Sales/Support/Billing).
2. Businesses with virtual teams (e.g. Sales team in Mumbai, Support in Bangalore).
3. Teams that want to automate information collection over voice (e.g. Feedback collection).
4. Companies who want to publicize new services and build a brand (e.g. Restaurants wanting to put new messages and offers every week and also having a brand name playing).

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