Inbound & Outbound SMS

Exotel provides some great SMS solutions to our customers with enabled facility to compliment the Voice based Cloud Telephony solution.

Why send SMS through Exotel?

1. Seamless inter-operability with calls
2. Cheaper - even for low SMS volumes
3. Clean (and free) APIs
4. Launch SMS Campaigns with ease
5. No limit, no expiry, pay as you go!

Beautifully inter-opearate with calls!

The best thing about sending SMSes through Exotel is that it is also tightly integrated with your calls. What does this mean? You can send an SMS to your customer in response to a call; You can make a call in response to an incoming SMS; You can view call and SMS data in one place. Neat, eh?


No more bargaining with SMS gateways! We offer a cheap pricing irrespective of how many SMSes you are sending. So even if you have low call volumes, Exotel gives you the best rate!

Clean APIs

We have clean APIs for sending SMSes. And of course they are free to use! We have some nice samples as well to get you started real quick.

SMS Campaigns

You can schedule SMSes to lakhs of numbers with one click. Our backend scales nice and makes sure your SMSes are delivered when you want them to. You can import numbers from your Excel sheet and schedule campaigns with ease.

No expiry, No Limits, Pay as you go

Pricing is simple. You pay as you go.

Our customers are able to do the following on SMS:

1. Send Transactional SMS to their customers post order confirmations.
2. Upload a list and send Bulk Promotional SMS in huge numbers.
3. Receive Incoming SMS on special 10 digit numbers (which can also be used for Voice and Calls) and then use the App builder to decide what should happen when an SMS comes to the system from your customer.
4. Use our API to send both Transactional and Promotional SMS as well.
5. Send updates & alerts to team when calls are missed or in an emergency.

The SMS Costs are on the Pricing page and you can sign up and create an account to try that service as well. We provide a Sender ID per ExoPhone purchased as well – (e.g. TM-EXOTEL) But before you decide to use SMS – do read some of these interesting points on what is a Transactional SMS or a Promotional SMS according to TRAI guidelines and what can you and what can you not do in India today.

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