API Integration
See Exotel API Documentation

You have a CRM/Web application/E-Commerce site and want to integrate an IVRS or SMS system to provide dynamic content to your end customer? Use Exotel API – easy to integrate and very simple to use. We allow companies to use our existing Apps + API to build some great integration with their current systems. For more information check our API Docs .

Here are some of the ways you could use Exotel and our Cloud Telephony API to good effect:

1. Integrate the Call Data and caller info into your CRM/CMS.
2. Send automatic SMS responses to your customers via the SMS API.
3. Trigger feedback and automated IVRS calls using the Call API.
4. Play dynamic responses to your customers based on the interaction over the IVR.

Do see some cool ways companies have integrated themselves with the Exotel API.

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