Features in Exotel:

IVR call routing


IVR helps you direct & re-route calls between teams/departments by asking the customer to choose the option. Calls can route to geographically different locations and helps you/your team be mobile. Learn more about IVR
Outbound calling

Outbound Calling

Call your customers and vendors by making outbound calls through ExoPhone. Your personal number remains personal, and yet, anytime a customer calls you back, you will able to pick it up. Calls are viewable on a unified dashboard. Learn more about outbound calls
Call recording

Call Analytics

Analyse your business conversations and be on top of your business and understand your customers.
Call data records

Call Data

Reporting is a major functionality for building a smarter business. Pull out all the key metrics, data of callers, time, type of call and date and optimize your teams efforts + understand your customers behavior. Learn more about Call Data
API Integration

API Integration

Plug in our data into your CRM and make for an enriching experience at your end. Imagine all call logs of your customer, data on voice & SMS integrated with your ticketing platform, or support application/sales CRM. Our API allow you to do this and more. Learn more about API's of Exotel and how our customers are using it
Many calls - Predictive dialer

Predictive Dialer or Outbound Dialer

Predictive Dialer is a life and time saver for companies who make lots of outbound calls to their customers, this feature allows you to upload a list and let them system automatically call the customers 1 by 1 and your agents can speak to them on the go once the he/she is ready. Read more about it here.
Inbound & outbound SMS

Inbound & Outbound SMS

We help you send Transactional SMS to your customers, also do Bulk uploading and Promotional SMS. On top of it, you could use our special Incoming SMS feature to get SMS into your system. Learn more about sending and receiving SMSes through Exotel
Virtual phone numbers

Never Miss Any Calls

Be connected to your business phone system at   all times
Missed call IVR marketing

Missed Call Marketing

With India leading the efforts to run more missed call campaigns, with Exotel you can start your campaign for generating leads or collecting a database of supporters for your cause/campaign with an easy SMS to any ExoPhone. Learn more about how you can do missed call marketing with Exotel
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