Complete control over your calls

Complete control over your calls

With Exotel’s, Cloud Telephony, you can now have intelligent call flows that will route calls to the right agents based on your requirements. And building this call flow is as simple as dragging and dropping the right commands.

CRM integration

Seamlessly sync data between your CRM and your phone system

You can now access all your call data and call recordings of your customers directly in your CRM. Everytime you make a new call or send a new next, you can automatically update it in your CRM using our APIs.

Call recording

Record all your calls

All your calls, both incoming and outgoing, will now be recorded and available in your Exotel dashboard. Use these recordings to understand exactly how your business functions over your phone system.

Actionable insights

Track actionable insights in real-time

Reporting is a major functionality for building a smarter business. Cloud telephony makes this really simple. Pull out all the key metrics, data of callers, time, type of call and date and optimize your teams efforts + understand your customers behavior.

API Integration

Simple and Powerful APIs

Plug in our data into your CRM and make for an enriching experience at your end. Imagine all call logs of your customer, data on voice & SMS integrated with your ticketing platform, or support application/sales CRM. Our API allow you to do this and more.

Click to call

Save time and click-to-call

Use the Exotel Chrome plugin to make calls directly from your browser without having to copy-paste phone numbers to your dashboard. Download the plugin, log into your Exotel account and you’re good to go. Now, you can call any phone number on your chrome browser with just a click.

 Multi-level IVR

Multi-level IVR

Have a professional message to greet your customers every time they call. Now, you can get them to “Press 1 for sales, 2 for support” etc and route their calls to the relevant team with no manual intervention. Build an IVR that works best for you.

Call Analytics

Call Analytics

We firmly believe that you can only measure what you track. Just the way you need Google analytics to tell you exactly what’s happening on your website, when you use Exotel’s cloud telephony, you get easy, accessible and real-time insights on how your business is functioning over your phone system.

Real time notification

Real time notifications

We want you to never miss a customer call . So, every time you miss a call, get an email notification along with the number of the customer who’s call you missed.


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