EduDisha-Toll Free Number for students career counselling

Medhavi Foundation is an NGO focussed on improving the education system in India. They run a project called EduDisha which is a career counselling helpline for Class IX-XII students in Government schools in India. The number is an Exotel Toll-Free number so that the students don't get charged, and specially trained counsellors from India's best psychology colleges are available to help these students decide what to do next in their life, and help reduce school drop out rates.

It was a very simple to use product for a non-techie like me .
We are an NGO and for us cost, and ease of use, in the product were the 2 most important criterion.
- Ayush Bansal , Co-Founder & Director, Medhavi Foundation

Team(s) Impacted: Support.
Apps used: Oak Tree , Happy Hours .

Project EduDisha provides a Toll Free number, hence students don't get charged and call 1-800-200-1611 to receive counsel support during the day. We asked Ayush a few questions on his usage of Exotel and what he likes about it.

Q. You had used Exotel for your earlier pilot project with EduDisha, what was it that you were looking for before you stumbled upon us?
A. We are an NGO and for us cost, and ease of use, in the product were the 2 most important criterion. The first project was a pilot and if we were able to measure and show success via that, then our fund-raising would be impacted for the larger campaign we run now.

Exotel fit in perfectly in all these scores:
1. It was a very simple to use product for a non-techie like me.
2. Needed daily and monthly reports to present to our board and ourselves to measure effectiveness of the campaign.
3. Call Recordings were critical to understand what did the student call and ask.
4. Time based counselor connecting as most of our counselors signed up for 2 hours of their day, we needed the system to re-route to the correct counselors at the right point of the day.

Q. Any unique story that you can share?
A. Most of our counselors are young master students from psychology and many of them girls. The unfortunate bit is that in this country there are still many young people who don't value time or effort of some of our work. We began to get wrong calls from some select numbers from a certain region and realized this is not our target market and is wasting our time, effort and money.
We wanted to ban these numbers and were able to do that immediately using Exotel and its easy-to-use app builder logic. That was an amazing time saver and helps us to-date.

Medhavi Foundation and Ayush have been super Exotel evangelists, and it has been great fun working with them so far and helping them achieve their goal and vision to get more students from government schools to complete their education.

We hope you, us and everyone can now participate in their movement and spread the word, help and bring more such eco-system enablers together under a common roof to provide better support to young government school going students. If you wish to get in touch with Ayush Bansal – feel free to write to him at

Also – if you or any of your friends wish to use Exotel's services for any of their programs/campaigns, feel free to sign up and try out Exotel today.