NGO & Non-Profit Organizations use Exotel to measure ROI:

A lot of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) and Non-Profit associations/Social Enterprises have 2-3 major problems in running their daily operations:

1. Fundraising for which Metrics & Data should be available to showcase "reach & impact"
2. Utilizing Technology and different tools available to automate a lot of operations.
3. Developing a great experience and creating impact for their end customers.

There are multiple ways an NGO can run their campaigns for data collection, lead generation and support help-lines using Exotel. A lot of organizations also utilize SMS, Call Recording and Missed Call features.

Medhavi Foundation Logo

Medhavi Foundation - Providing a support system for students in Government schools in India

Medhavi Foundation is a section 25 non-profit company (NGO) with its registered office in New Delhi, India. It was founded by Pravesh Dudani and Ayush Bansal, and currently run 3 projects in the field of education .


To empower and transform the Indian Education System through various scalable, sustainable, affordable high quality and technology enabled learning practices.
Read more about how Medhavi Foundation used a Toll-Free Number via Exotel and helped connect 10,000 students across 22 schools and 3 states with career counselors.

Jagriti Yatra Logo

Jagriti Yatra is a journey across 9000km with 450 young minds over 18 days

Jagriti Yatra is a special project and initiative that believes in inspiring many young Indian's to take up Entrepreneurship as a career choice by providing them a unique journey to meet, interact with some of the best minds in the country, and using the medium of travel to instigate this drive.
Read more about how the Jagriti Yatra team used multiple Exotel virtual phone numbers to track the return on investment with multiple different Print Media newspapers across India.

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