Exotel serving businesses in the Logistics Industry:

Logistics, Delivery & Collections companies in India have a lot of problems in collecting real-time data via their field executives. ERP/CRM systems are unable to track and improve efficiency real-time to update their customers on the collections, orders, deliveries and parcels being shipped or delivered across India.

Using Exotel and a Cloud Telephony solution your agents/field executives can make & receive calls on their mobile phones and also update real-time status of the shipments via an easy to use IVR + SMS solution . This can be integrated into your existing CRM as well using our API .

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Gharpay - Logistics and Payments

Gharpay is a doorstep cash payment network. They help businesses collect cash from their customers, and they have over 450+ clients in 2 years time.
Read more about how Gharpay uses Exotel IVR to take daily order updates from their field executives in real-time

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