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A lot of Healthcare companies, businesses, clinics, hospitals and services are solving major problems between doctor discovery, patient review systems, software for doctors, hospitals and connecting patients in a much easier way using technology to their respective healthcare specialists.

All of this will typically require a good solution in technology around telephony and SMS with Call & Voice-based systems. The easiest way to set this up is by using Exotel features such as IVR, Call Recording, SMS, API, Voicemail and much more and providing real-time delivery for pressing issues around Healthcare latency in India.

You can check out some successful case-studies of existing Healthcare focused clients of Exotel.

Practo Integrates Their In-house CRM With Exotel

Practo – one of India’s fastest growing SaaS companies has a secret weapon at the back of its fantastic growth. It is their inbuilt CRM and they call it the Epicenter. Practo has integrated Exotel with Epicenter to deliver a great experience to their end customers over Voice and Telephone.

Practo is a company which has multiple products in the healthcare domain providing a great SaaS product to help doctors manage their clinics with a software tailor-made for them. They are backed by Sequoia Capital and the Morpheus.

Read more about how Practo integrated their CRM/CMS system Epicenter with Exotel API and now deliver great customer support, sales & marketing in a single platform.

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