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Call Conferencing : Tele or Audio conferencing solutions in India and what must be improved?

What is that is most evolving in this fast paced world of the internet? Mobile teams, and people who can work from home or from multiple offices across the country, and still be able to co-relate and work together on the same projects. Leaving aside the possible very-very expensive CISCO, Polycom solutions for audio/video conferencing, what is available towards an Indian SME or a small team in India? The questions asked on forums is “What is the alternative to Sabsebolo”?

Well, before we get into the alternatives, let us see the 3 major problems for Indians who want to use a simple call conferencing solution:

1. Stop fixing yourself to a room, be Mobile: The slightly high end one’s require a fancy phone system and are too costly, and require someone to dial-in from the physical device. What age are we living in? Binding people to a technology device? Should you not be mobile and virtual? All the call conferencing solutions provided by some of the telecom companies such as Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, MTNL, Reliance, TATA are still very fixed, though good.

2. Record Conference calls, it helps take minutes and refresh and focus on the call/meeting: Then, you think oh! Sabsebolo gives the option to setup a conference call bridge, which we can join from any device, without having to physically be stuck to a room or device. Great, but what about minutes of the meeting? If all of you are moving, and all of you join from the cell phone, who is going to take notes? Why don’t you get a smarter call conferencing solution which gives you the minutes via a simple call recording to your emails. Everyone who participated can go back and refresh their memory. Will that not be perfect?

3. Stability and Reliability: A nice question I read somewhere, and which is true, “What is the least awful audio conferencing solution out there?” 🙂 , and you think, that a simple business team in India, working remotely does not have a simple call conferencing solution for themselves?

Let us recap: No infrastructure, Call Recording, and stability – you have it all bundled into our Call Conferencing application at 10p/min/person and have a good quality conference call for upto 5 users! 🙂 , it is called Huddle, you know like the mighty mighty Titans 🙂

Why don’t you read what 2 of our customers feel about the Huddle application:

Rachit Parekh, VP, BITS Alumni Association, BITS Spark – “We at BITSAA have been using the Exotel call conference huddle application for BITS Spark for the past 8 months. It has been simple to use for our participants around the world (sometimes dialing in from 3 continents) and the Exotel team has also continuously added features to improve the experience. We’ve never faced any downtime and and call quality has been excellent!”

Premdeep Gangadharan, Co-founder and Director, FansonStands mentions how they were bridging their US partner, and other Indian team mates, from Hyderabad, Mumbai, London and Bangalore, and it would always be a pain. “We read about you guys in the Times of India, and said wow, let’s try this out. It worked, and we are using it happily, solves a lot of problems and is worth the small investment”

Btw, we forgot to tell you to sign up and choose a PIN and make the conference moderated as well!

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AUTHOR: Vijay Sharma

Vijay Sharma, Co-founder at Exotel, is known for his extremely driven, straightforward and tactful nature. A hustler at heart and an excellent recruiter by profession, Vijay is the perfect blend of hard work and fun.


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