Cash On Delivery

Cash on Delivery (COD) solution for Indian E-Commerce

We have over 100+ E-Commerce companies today using Exotel and a lot of them wanted to solve a major problem of their’s – i.e. Cash on Delivery automation. Many a times, a lot of companies who provide cash on delivery services (and many of them have upto and more than 50% sales via CoD) end up losing a lot of money in inventory management due to failed orders, or return orders from fraud customers.

We have done a good study around how our E-Commerce customers were managing their calls earlier as well, and at what times they should man more people behind the call centers. Some interesting observations from this study led us to believe that we should not only allow our customers to use our API, but also provide them a simple solution, just to tackle this issue, and so we have!

The major pain points of our customers in their CoD verification were:
1. Employing more people to call and confirm with customers that the order should be shipped or not.
2. Automating the process by either using one of the four processes, missed call verification, automated IVR call (outbound or inbound), or SMS (2 way interactive or 1 way to confirm as an OTP).

Our Cash on Delivery application is a simple app, which allows you to upload a list of numbers, to send automated SMS confirmations, or IVR confirmation calls, and get data back from the customers. We have been able to learn a lot from some of our cash on delivery enablers such as Gharpay , Delhivery and Chhotu who are all Exotel customers as well.

So if you don’t have a technology team or don’t want to use their time in building a CoD verification system over IVR, Calls, missed calls and SMS then utilize our Cash on Delivery application which will help solve your problems with a small click.