Ban on Bulk Promotional SMS by DoT – Update / No problem with Transactional SMS

So we wanted to be sure before we put this update out, but it is now confirmed that there is a ban by the DoT on sending Bulk Promotional SMSs and hence any of our customers who have been using this service or intend to for the coming 15 days (from 18th August to 2nd September) – we apologize, but can’t do much about it.

Telecom Talk has given the best information so far – their Link is here . It shows an image of the notification from HRDA & DoT.

NDTV has also an update here .

But be rest assured, you can send out your normal Transactional SMSs via our system perfectly normally. There has been no change there and all your Transactional SMSs will go through. If you have any questions – do reach out.