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Where are we headed with the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Last week’s terrace talks covered one of the fastest growing areas in tech, Internet of Things (IoT), a term which was first coined in 1999. Nihal Kashinath, the founder of IoT Bangalore group , spoke on the impact and the scope of IoT in India and how it is shaping the world.

Nihal gave us a …


Rohini Mohan on why you should give a damn about someone else’s life

Rohini Mohan, a sensational journalist of her own accord, was here last Friday for terrace talks . Up until now, terrace talks for us has been something we relate to our work in one way or another. However, this time, we chose something different. Rohini spoke to us about her journey so far and


If you’re a B2B startup, here’s how you can kickstart your social media marketing

If social media marketing were to be Cinderella, who would be the cruel stepmother? Most of the B2B organizations out there today. Unfortunate, but true. Why you ask? Well, social media management is usually the first thing to be handed off to an unsuspecting intern and given very little attention by organizations. This ‘step motherly’ treatment that social media receives can largely be attributed to the fact that for B2B


Calls are dead, think again!

“Business calls are dead ”, I’ve heard the phrase a million times, still today over 77 billion calls are made to B2B and B2C businesses regarding support, sales, inquiries and more. An article on Vanity Fair emphasizes this, but I disagree, at least when it comes to implementing phone calls in a customer’s life cycle.

With data driven communication channels like text messaging …


Vinay Sharma – How running changed my life

Friday just went by, so did our latest edition of Terrace talks and we had a very special guest with us. It was Vinay Sharma, the CTO of Printo. He spoke on how running and sprinting had an impact on his life and how it can be related to life on the whole.

Vinay told us how he was introduced to running and what impact it had on his life …

hack the talk - exotel hackathon

Hack the Talk – Can you detect the sentiment of a conversation?

Exotel Hackathon – Can you tell what they’re feeling?



Detecting Sentiment Of Conversations

Sentiment detection is not a new problem. It is an interesting tech problem and quite a few individuals and companies have been trying to solve it for ages now. It is an especially interesting problem to solve in India. Given the …


Storytelling: Building a personal narrative using theatre

Last week’s terrace talk with Aruna Ganesh was nothing short of captivating. From achieving accolades in branding to her successful transition into the theatre world, the whole talk was thoroughly engaging.


Aruna(@arunaganeshram ) is a performance director, deviser, designer and founder of Visual Respiration