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Vinay Sharma – How running changed my life

Friday just went by, so did our latest edition of Terrace talks and we had a very special guest with us. It was Vinay Sharma, the CTO of Printo. He spoke on how running and sprinting had an impact on his life and how it can be related to life on the whole.

Vinay told us how he was introduced to running and what impact it had on his life …

hack the talk - exotel hackathon

Hack the Talk – Can you detect the sentiment of a conversation?

Exotel Hackathon – Can you tell what they’re feeling?



Detecting Sentiment Of Conversations

Sentiment detection is not a new problem. It is an interesting tech problem and quite a few individuals and companies have been trying to solve it for ages now. It is an especially interesting problem to solve in India. Given the …


Storytelling: Building a personal narrative using theatre

Last week’s terrace talk with Aruna Ganesh was nothing short of captivating. From achieving accolades in branding to her successful transition into the theatre world, the whole talk was thoroughly engaging.


Aruna(@arunaganeshram ) is a performance director, deviser, designer and founder of Visual Respiration

otp sms

Improve your security with a Two Factor authentication using OTP SMS

Over the past couple of decades, data breaches have impacted most industries. From large multinational companies to small startups, no one is immune. So even after so many years, security always remains a major concern and everyone have their own method of tackling threats.

One of the methods that has really buffed up secure log-ins and cut down on data breaches is 2-factor authentication or One-Time Password authentications.

And with …

6 reasons why reliable customer support boosts your startup’s sales

You want to start your own firm, you do everything you can to make sure your product is worth selling, your office is up and running, your teams – sales, finance, HR, business development and marketing – are ready to kickstart the process and still, there is something that fails to make this journey easy. You ponder over it endlessly but you just can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong. …

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How we Slack at Exotel

We love automation. We always have. Our motto has been – if it’s repetitive and can be automated, don’t waste your time on it. So, for us, falling in love with slack was absolutely inevitable.

We first signed up for Slack well over a year ago. Being a small team back then, all sitting under the same roof, we barely made use of it. Anytime we wanted something from someone, …

Cloud Telephony (1)

4 Reason You Should Marry Your Cloud Telephony & CRM

Customers are the resources upon which the success of a business resides. They are the key component that help an enterprise meet its business goals.

CRM is the lifeline

Every company is driven by the desire to provide utmost customer satisfaction. To strongly and consistently pursue this objective, companies need to have a CRM – Customer Relationship Management, integrated into the backbone of their operations.

CRM systems are hand weaved …