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Working at Exotel

We’re always on the lookout for talented people who can help us build great products. See what all we did last year here . What we need is always changing, but it’s our philosophy to hire people, not roles.

Why work at Exotel?

We, at Exotel share a vision to make life easier for businesses by integrating two disparate worlds, the world of telephony and the world of the interwebs. Exotel is a very fast growing startup. We work out of a small high-energy office in Bangalore. Building technology for integration is all about the design and implementation of simple, extensbile interfaces using Web standards. We do a lot of cool core infrastructure / distributed-systems work to make sure that our customers phone lines are up and running all the time. And we are always looking for technically very strong candidates to work with us – people who love designing and building infrastructure pieces, people who dream about scale, uptime and performance.

We're very proud of every employee we've worked with at Exotel so far. And we've shared all our learnings, best practices and experience of building a startup team in an ebook. If you're a startup looking to scale your team, this is a must read for you. Click here to download your copy.

Benefits & perks
In-house chef

No more mess food! We have our very own chef coming in and cooking healthy lunches and snacks for us every day.

Flexible hours

Really flexible working hours! The number of hours you put in doesn’t matter as long as you deliver the goods.

Wear what you want

No dress code - we won’t judge you if you come to work in your pyjamas

Jovial people

Nice set of jovial people to work with.

Office Parties

Office parties are aplenty. We have one every month at the very least.


All the learning you will need to start your own company some day.

Culture Code of Exotel

Exotel Culture Code from Exotel
Tech Interview process:

Our typical tech interview process is very coding-heavy. It looks like the following:

  1. A few questions sent to you through email
  2. A coding round
  3. Two (or three) telephonic / skype rounds (which will involve more coding)
  4. One day at our office talking to nearly everyone
  5. And if we like to hang out with you, an offer letter on the same day
  6. Glory

Don't want to go through so many stages? Solve one of the Exotel Tech Challenges for a quick shortcut to working with us.
If you're a firm into talent search & sourcing, Please read how to work with us and our terms here .

Our current openings

Call for enquiries: +91 8088-919-888